Here is a rather unknown little gem from the psych/lounge/folk department. Dave Porters self titled album was recorded in Seattle somewhere in the seventies but sounds more like the late sixties.

It is one of those albums, that maintains a high standard all the way through and never gets boring. Especially the first side is very solid.

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On the cover we see a happy looking Dave sitting with his guitar in a knight themed lounge setting including an authentic looking medieval rock wall.

Dave’s happy face is nicely reflecting the overall mood on the album, as heard on the third track Co Co La Pa: An upbeat song, that is difficult not to like:

Co Co La Pa is followed by the most psychedelic effort on the album: Where Do Clouds Go?

Side 2 opens with I’m The Boss, with rather strange and politically correct lyrics:

Who spanks the baby whenever he is so bad

Baby its you

I know its makes you sad

Who is the special girl in my life

Baby is you

Cause you are my wife

But remember I’m the boss


Certainly an album worth tracking down and deserves a reissue.