Thank you for visiting and again: welcome to our newly started turntable company. Our aim is simple:

To create beautiful and great sounding turntables.

We are a newly established Danish company who have been passionate music and vinyl lovers since the late 1980’s. During those past decades we have seen the era of turntables and vinyl almost die out and declared dead on several occasions. Today vinyl has been resurrected. Vinyl sales increase each year as more and more people find their way back to vinyl, enjoying the true analogue sound.

For that we need turntables and the problem is twofold: Many turntables, especially the cheaper ones, do not really deliver a very good sound and a lot of those turntables that actually have a good sound do not really look that great – a black something you stash away somewhere in your living room.

We believe that a turntable should embrace those two aspects: beauty and great sound. A turntable is furniture, and as opposed to a television it can actually be a beautiful piece of furniture. Our top model Jyotis is an example of a turntable that even integrates itself as more than just a turntable. Jyotis uses light in its design, creating an amazing ambience in the room both visually and audibly.

If you want to get your Vãk Turntables, please support our Kickstarter campaign or look in the refurbished section.





Vãk is Sanskrit for sound or speech and Vãk is considered the eternal sound. In the Rig Veda, one of the oldest scriptures in the world, Vãk is the name for The Goddess of Divine Speech, who would inspire the ancient rishis in their quest for insight and true liberation.

We can translate Vãk from the Greek Logos, which in The Bible was the first vibration, from which the whole manifestation unfolded. In Yoga Kundalini Upanishad, there are four levels of Vãk from the inaudible transcendent void to the manifested sound. According to this ancient scripture sound and music can bring us back into ecstasy and bliss.

We find that Vãk is a very suitable name for our turntables and we aim to bring you nothing less than bliss and ecstasy, given that you have the right taste of music that is.


“I’m a big collector of vinyl – I have a record room in my house – and I’ve always had a huge soundtrack album collection. So what I do, as I’m writing a movie, is go through all those songs, trying to find good songs for fights, or good pieces of music to layer into the film.”


Quentin Tarantino