To fit your unique taste, preference and needs we offer you custom build turntables based on our patented design


We also specialise in a wide range of  custom made designs to meet your unique needs and visioin

Our custom made turntables include using other veneer types such as ziricote, wild rosewood, macassar ebony  and different types of rare burl wood or other interesting veneers, that are only available in very limited quantities.


We want your vision to come alive and we will strive to help you to get the turntable of your dreams

Custom Made Turntables to Fit any 12″ Arms

We can also make the turntable to fit your favourite tonearm as ours are build to fit the Rega tonearms  We can also make the turntable bigger to harmoniously fit a 12-inch arm, like the some of the classic Ortofon arms or the legendary SME 3012 tonearm.

Turntable Architecture

Look at the refurbished section to find inspiration or maybe we already build your turntable dream ready to grab now? Otherwise use the contact formula to get in touch with us and we will help you get the turntable you want

I prefer vinyl. We talk about this backstage; as musicians it comes up a lot. It’s a shame the new generation is missing out on albums.


Jack White