Jyotis means light or luminous. Jyotis is the name of our Series 2 turntable and literally it will light you and your vinyl up with the special and unique built in light.

The birch burl wood we use comes from the Karelia region, which borders Russia and Finland. Birch burl wood is often found in small pieces and when peeled it gives an almost surrealistic pattern. It was the ruling Tsars’ preferred wood for the imperial furniture. Birch burl wood has a white colour with brown and reddish streaks and burls. The birch burl wood is indeed a very special type of veneer – a bold and beautiful choice, making your turntable a unique piece of art.


Each turntable is made from hand selected exclusive wood veneers with beautiful veining and vivid colours, which are pieces of art in them self.

The deeper layers

When the inner light is turned on it reveals deeper layers and colours of the wood, transforming its appearance and creating an amazing ambience in your living room. No other turntable on the market has this dazzling effect and the distinctive design has already been patented.

Design combined with extraordinary sound

Admittedly the light function doesn’t contribute so much to the sound as to the design. However the use of the combination of wood and heavy acrylic does make this turntable more dense and heavy than the first series.

I put one on the turntable and when the needle dropped, I was stunned – didn’t know whether I was stoned or straight.

Bob Dylan